What is EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique?

emotional freedom technique

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Healing Yourself With Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

You can think of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, or tapping) as a getting back to basics way of healing yourself. Many people are tired of the idea that you can simply throw medication at a problem to heal it. It seems that every medication your doctor prescribes has some side effect that needs to be treated with more medication.

Natural healing methods like EFT are making a comeback because a lot of people are also concerned about the pharmaceutical/health professionals’ relationship. Doctors and other health care providers are often times given kickbacks and other benefits for suggesting a particular medicine over another. This means that in some cases, the doctor’s pocketbook is taking precedence over providing the best possible care.

EFT is one of several natural healing techniques that is far less invasive than traditional medical treatment. It is extremely effective, requires no shots, doctors or medicine, you can perform it on yourself anywhere at just about any time, and the results for some have been absolutely astounding.

Defining Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique work on the following premise:

When your body’s natural energy system is disrupted, blocked or imbalanced, your emotional state is disturbed.

This can lead to mental and physical problems as well as emotional issues, because when your emotional state is unhealthy, your body’s ability to heal itself is reduced.

Tapping resets the natural flow of energy in your body, restoring your immune system and emotions to healthy states. In this way, EFT is a natural healing tool that is globally recognized as an effective treatment for emotional, physical and performance issues.

EFT allows you to tune into the cause of a particular physical, emotional or mental problem in your life. Then, through stimulation of the meridian points where energy flows through your body, physically tapping at those points restores your life force energy to a healthy and natural state.

Remarkably, this self-healing technique can correct a host of poor health conditions.

Thousands of years ago Chinese spiritualists discovered that the human body functions because of a powerful energy which flows through all living things. When you don’t understand why you are feeling grumpy, tired, weak or sick, it is because your energy has been disturbed or blocked.

Tapping is a simple physical process. You lightly tap your fingertip on different parts of your body, and over time, you signal your mind and body that this process is balancing your energy flow.

EFT has been proven as an effective healing technique for mental and physical health issues which have not responded positively to other alternative and traditional treatment methods.