Three Common Causes of Stress in Your Life and How to Deal With Them


How To Remove Stress Quickly

One way to tackle stress is to improve your health, your energy levels and your mood. By doing these things, you can help yourself to become more resilient and hardy to stress and you can avoid letting the smaller things bog you down.

But that’s a fairly abstract way to combat anxiety that doesn’t always have an immediate effect.

The other route to take then is to look at the specific causes of stress in your life – the stressors – and to remove them. Some of these will be big and some of them will be small, but all of them contribute to raising blood pressure and making us feel a little less calm and relaxed.

The problem is, many of us can’t put our fingers on exactly what it is that is stressing us and even when we do, it’s not always obvious how we can deal with the problems.

Read on then and we will look at some of the most common causes of stress and at what you can do to deal with them once and for all…

Stress From Commuting

Did you know that the only ‘universal fear’ is things heading towards you? Thus, walking to work and having hundreds of people moving the other way down the street is pretty much a recipe for getting stressed out – especially if you’re running late or if you have a long way to travel.

One solution then is to avoid the rush hour. You can do this by speaking with your employer and asking them to give you more flexible working hours: perhaps you could work 8am-4pm for instance instead of 9am-5pm? Alternatively, look at other ways of getting in, like cycling. Or just arrive a little early!

Open Loops Causing Stress

Many of us have lots of niggling jobs and stresses in the back of our minds that contribute to our stress. For instance, you might need to call your relative. Or maybe you have a bill to pay. These are what are known as ‘open loops’ and they can drain us of energy, focus and positivity. The solution is to deal with each of them as soon as possible rather than letting them drag on.

Stressed About Money All The Time

Money is a huge stress for many of us and can cause many a sleepless night.

The solution? Creating a budget. Budgets show us how much we’re losing and where and allow us to formulate a plan to get back on top. What you will often find is that simply cancelling some of your recurring bills and changing your lifestyle a little can make a big difference and help you to get back in the black.

How To Worry Less About Money

Hi Youtube Family,

Welcome to another Girl Talk episode. For today’s topic, we’re going to talk about “How To Worry Less About Money”. It’s not that money is evil, the love for money is evil. Do you let money control you to the point where you are stressed and not enjoying life? Here’s how you can focus less about money and change your life for the better for a happier you.

We live in a world’s that’s completely fuelled by money so of course it’s going to be difficult to go through a day without thinking about it. Money can be a great thing but we also know it can lead to problems as well. I will share my struggle with it. It’s not that money is the problem. It’s the obsession for money that is the problem.

I honestly contemplated whether to make this video or not because it’s such a touchy topic. I want to stress that it’s impossible to make this video relatable to everyone. However, I hope this video will give you a different perspective and inspire you to see things differently and most importantly, to focus LESS on the numbers.

We should focus less on what we don’t have and focus more on what we DO have. We cannot control our situations, however, we CAN control our attitude. We may not have the best of everything but we can MAKE the best out of everything we have.

Being rich isn’t just about money. You can be rich from happiness. You can be rich from knowledge. Some people are so poor, all they have is money.

You can buy a house, but not a home.
You can buy sex, but not love.
You can buy a bed, but not rest.
You can buy a clock, but not time.
You can buy fame, but not respect.
You can buy a book, but not knowledge.

Don’t work work & work. It IS possible to work, live and love. We all have the same amount of hours in a day. Work so it drives your passion and pays for the things you need. Live life Grateful & Love the people around you by spending time with them.

"If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude”- Maya Angelou

Little update: I'm off to Laos to visit the two schools we built together. After, I'll be headed to Cambodia to do a special project in which I will share in good time. Only a week till we move back to the UK. Lots of planning to do. For now, our focus is on Isaac. He's been very unwell lately. Off to the doctors again tomorrow so please keep him in your prayers. We would be so grateful.

Love, Bubz

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