Simple Stretching Exercises For Seniors Improves Mobility

Benefits of Stretching Exercises For SeniorsStretching Exercises For Seniors

When it comes to retaining mobility, stretching is without a doubt the most underrated tool you can use.

But why?

This is one great exercise that is basically free, can be done any and everywhere, and does not mandate the use of machinery.

Should you practice stretching? Definitely. You can enjoy many more pain free years by incorporating stretches a few times weekly, and the payoffs are numerous.

Read on to see how simple stretches can improve your mobility by leaps and bounds!

Stretching Reduces Pain

This instinct is as primitive as our ancestors go; when you feel pain, you are less inclined to continue and do something. Hence, pain is one of the major limiting factors when it comes to free movement and mobility.

If you experience pain when walking, you will feel less inclined to walk, further compromising muscle strength and functionality.

See, as we age, muscles become shorter and are more resistant to stretching. So, normal activities that require muscle usage become painful and harder to perform.

Stretching Reduces The Likelihood Of Falls And Injuries

Falls are among the number one most popular causes of injury in seniors, resulting in incapacitation, or worse immobility altogether.

The main reason?

Compromised muscle and joints. As referenced earlier, muscles shrink with advancing age, along with increased risk of falls.

Have a daily stretching routine for flexibility. Done correctly, this will help keep joints supple, boosting production of synovial fluid, stretch muscle fibers to they are more pliable to movement, and will help you maintain balance better.

Simple Stretching Promotes Healthy Blood Flow

If you have ever experienced cramping, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Now imagine having to deal with painful leg and other muscle cramps every single day.

Many people would cringe at the mere thought of it, but yet many seniors deal with it as a part of life. However, a simple and effective fix is to perform regular stretching sessions.

When you stretch at different times muscle soreness following the exercise is reduced. It also helps in the clearance of waste that can cause painful cramping and aid in delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells and other organs.

Stretching Can Improve Stamina And Endurance

If you notice even simple activities like walking now result in cramping and muscle fatigue, it is time to so those daily stretches.

By doing so, your muscles will be keep limber, along with enhancing blood flow and helping clear lactic acid which accumulates in muscles during activity.

The result?

You are able to walk, or perform any other activity for a longer time before fatigue.

Stretching Improves Energy Levels

If you’ve ever felt sleepy and groggy, did you notice that after a good stretch you felt a surge of energy?

Yes, that is because when you are tired, or resting, muscles contract and metabolism slows down. When you stretch,  those muscle fibers expand, and can promote a burst of blood flow to the cells, kick starting metabolism, and the resultant energy high.

Be Sure To Incorporate Different Stretches

Not all stretches are the same. When it comes to stretches, timing is important. For example, prior to exercise, dynamic stretches help to get muscles and bones warmed up and ready for more strenuous activity.

Conversely, static stretches are performed after working our muscles, and aim to promote lengthening of the muscle fiber, enhancing blood flow, waste clearance and relaxation.


If you would like to remain relatively mobile in your senior years, start these exercises now. Stretching may be painful in the beginning, mainly as a result of years of inactivity.

Take it slow, work easily through the pain and you will subsequently find it easier and easier to move around and enjoy life.

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