Signs Of Abnormal Menstruation

signs of abnormal menstruation

Importance of Knowing the Signs of Abnormal Menstruation

For most of our lives, the inevitable monthly flow seems to define us as women. We complain about it and sometimes plan our activities around it. Because it’s such an important part of our lives, we need to know how to recognize the signs of abnormal menstruation.

Twenty eight days is how the average menstrual cycle is calculated. However, most women don’t fit the guidelines of an average twenty eight day cycle. You need to know what’s normal for you.

Changes in Your Cycle

There are many reasons why the duration of a cycle can change. Gaining or losing weight can alter how long you have a monthly period. Whenever you have a virus or other temporary health problem, it can change the length of your cycle.

There are many common symptoms that you can experience during your menstrual cycle. These symptoms are usually mild and do go away. Some of these are: moodiness, cramping, and puffiness. Feeling down for no reason that you can identify is also normal during your menstrual cycle.

You might cry more easily. This moodiness is a result of the hormonal changes going on in your body. You might have cramps ranging from mild to painful that cause you to feel nauseated. Some women experience headaches.

You might notice puffiness or feel bloated during your time of the month. While all of those are normal changes associated with menstruation, some symptoms that can occur are not normal and are signs that you need to be checked out by your doctor.

Irregular Bleeding

If you begin to notice that you are bleeding and it’s not time for your cycle, this needs to be evaluated. Sometimes you might notice spots of blood before your cycle is due to start. This is also something that should be discussed with your doctor.

Bleeding that lasts longer than normal and is more than normal should always be checked. How do you know if it’s too heavy? If you’re waking up in the middle of the night because of the amount of bleeding, getting out of bed two or three times at night to change a tampon or pad, then it’s abnormal.

Limiting what you do when your cycle is on because of the bleeding is also a sign of abnormality. If you stand up and blood overflows, that’s a sign that your cycle is too heavy and can be a warning sign of hemorrhaging.

If you notice that you go through more sanitary products than you should, this is a sign that your bleeding is too heavy. If you notice that you’re passing clots that are larger than normal (bigger than a quarter) then let your doctor know.

Having a cycle that lasts more than a week, causes disabling cramps or if you notice an overwhelming sense of fatigue during your menstruation, these are warning signs that something isn’t quite right.

Severe Pain

Pain during menstruation that’s severe enough to interfere with your work or home life is a sign of abnormal cycle. If you’ve gone through menopause, any bleeding should immediately be evaluated by your doctor.

Having your period might not be your favorite part about being a woman, so take some steps to make it a happier time. Pamper yourself with a bubble bath. Eat a little chocolate or go for coffee with a friend.

But do take care and keep an eye out for signs of abnormal menstruation, and be sure to get medical help when you need it.

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