Male Menopause Symptoms You Should Be Alert About

male menopause

The Symptoms of Male Menopause

Male menopause is the period in a mans life when his hormone levels start to fall. Irritability, restlessness, loss of libido, sweating, anxiety, depression, memory loss and ED are just some of the male menopause symptoms. Though other health disorders can cause ED, testosterone deficiency is a strong factor that can affect it.

Menopause in women involves the stopping of a bodily operation, such as when monthly menstruation no longer occurs. Along with menopause, women also experience a critical drop in hormone levels. Mens testosterone levels drop as they age. Male menopause symptoms are normally linked to this. For men with low testosterone levels and male menopause symptoms, the recommended treatment is hormone replacement theory.

Male Menopause Treatment

Unless they have unusually low androgen levels, hormone replacement will not work for older men with erectile dysfunction (ED). Nominal doses of testosterone in young men with a hormone deficiency have been proven to improve libido. Male menopause symptoms can be greatly reduced with the help of testosterone replacement therapy.

Because testosterone deficiency is typically permanent, treatment must take place for the rest of the patients life. Oral prescriptions, implants, and injections are all common methods for testosterone replacement therapy. They would be effective for controlling male menopause symptoms..

Patients typically undergo semiweekly injections of testosterone. If shots are an issue one can receive drugs orally. The testosterone implants generally embedded beneath the buttock or abdomen skin function for a number of months. What the implant will do is deliver testosterone into the blood without any additional actions or drugs being taken.

It has to be said though that there are some negative reactions associated with androgen therapy. As testosterone levels decrease, there is shrinkage in the prostate gland. But, hormone replacement therapy wont be able to make it big again.

Prostate Cancer Risk May Be Increased

The risk of prostate cancer for those with naturally higher testosterone levels may be increased by androgen therapy. Not enough is known yet about the long term health effects of male hormone replacement therapy. The effects of androgen therapy on muscle and bone remain unclear. Anecdotal evidence suggests that androgen therapy might boost the risk of heart disease, but the scientific evidence is unclear.

Many persons who have suffered heart attacks are found to have low testosterone levels. Its possible that taking extra testosterone might help prevent cardiovascular difficulties in middle aged and older men, along with addressing their male menopause symptoms.

More Information: Click here to read more about male menopause, also known as andropause, is more common than you might realize. Similar to women, men going through this phase of life will experience a variety of physical and emotional changes. Find out more at Menopause Symptoms.

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