How Women Can Achieve Fitness Goals With Right Attitude And Mindset

achieve fitness goalsHaving The Right Attitude And Mindset To Achieve Fitness Goals

Millions of women all over the world are dissatisfied with their bodies. Either they want to lose weight and tone their thighs or they want to look good in a bikini… Or it’s one of the many other physical goals that they have. Yet, for the majority of them, to achieve fitness goals is a distant dream.

Many try and give up halfway. They make some progress but before they can reach their dream body, something makes them falter and they quit. In fact, quitting and failing to achieve one’s physical goals is so common now that it has become a trend to accept yourself for what you are.

Acceptance Is Not An Option To Achieve Fitness Goals

If you’re overweight or obese, you’re supposed to have self-love and acceptance. This is a HUGE mistake. It’s a trademark of people who are not willing to put in the effort to achieve fitness goals.

They’re like the fox in the fable that claims the grapes are sour just because it can’t reach it. If you are overweight and you’re not happy with it, the best remedy to that is to lose the excess pounds and become lithe and lean. The confidence and pride that you gain from achieving your heart’s desire is priceless.

If you just tell yourself that you’re happy where you are, deep down in your heart there will always be this niggling feeling that you could do better. You’ll always be aware of how you look or what people are thinking about you. Instead of trying to get the world to stop judging you, it’s best to do your best and help yourself get to where you want to be.

How To Set And Meet Fitness Goals

The first step to progress is taking action. No amount of reading or planning will help as far as fitness goes. You must get sweaty. You must cut your calories. Getting fit and healthy is a physical goal and must be achieved on the physical plane. The sweat from your body is fat crying.

Sweat enough and you’ll shed the fat. Here’s where the problem lies.

It takes immense effort to get started. Most women want to exercise but they keep procrastinating. The effort to get started is an obstacle that holds them back. They tell themselves, “I’ll start at the beginning of this month” or it’s “I’ll start on Monday.” It’s always some time other than the present.

Stop. Just stop. You start today, where you are. If you want to get fit, don’t think too much about it or keep planning. Wear a pair of shoes and go walking. Hit the park or the treadmill. While walking, you can do your planning in your head.

The Best Way To Achieve Fitness Goals Is To Take Immediate Action

Wake up 30 minutes earlier and go for a walk or do that Pilates session. Whatever it is, do not give yourself time to think. Get started.

Once you’ve started training, other than your scheduled rest days, do not skip workouts. If you skip the first one, you’ll be likely to skip the next one and so on. After a while, you’ve skipped so many that you’re back at square one… and guess what? You need IMMENSE effort to get started again!

If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up. You’re torturing yourself. After a while, lethargy will set in. you’re just tired of yo-yoing and seeing no results. You lose faith in yourself because you keep stopping and starting.

Be Consistent To Achieve Fitness Goals

The key is to not stop. If you’re tired on any particular day and don’t feel like working out hard, don’t skip your training. Just do a light workout. Maybe 2 or 3 sets of push-ups and squats. Even if it’s just 10 minutes, you’d have taken action.

You’ll notice that in most cases, once you start on the light workout, you’ll end up completing a full workout. You’re on a roll and you’ll keep going. It’s the inertia that is holding you back.

Even people who have the habit of regular exercise encounter inertia every now and then. The mind cooks up excuses to stop you. This is the body’s self-preservation mechanism. It doesn’t want you to exert and feel tired. So, it tries to lead you down the path of least resistance.

Don’t Listen To Your Mind

But if you listen to your mind, your body will suffer and over time, your self-esteem will be affected too. Many women hate themselves and their bodies because they know that they’ve not kept to their own promises. They’ve let themselves down… and they despise themselves for it.

The remedy is action. Once you take action, all self-defeating feelings and negative emotions go out the window. Action will set you free. Overthinking is often a product of underdoing.

Once you do the workouts, you’ll feel a surge of energy in you. You’ll find the motivation to keep going. When you start reducing your consumption of unhealthy foods, you’ll be motivated to clean up your diet even further. It all comes down to action which is the foundational key to all success.

Take action and overcome your inertia and lethargy. Start today. Start right now. Be the woman who decided to go for it. You can achieve fitness goals without much effort.  It is within your reach. It always was.