Dispelling Common Myths About Anger

common myths about anger

Common Myths About Anger You Need To Learn

There are some common myths about anger that you need to know about because anger cannot be avoided unless you’re a monk who isolates himself from society and spends 18 hours a day in meditation. The rest of us aren’t that lucky and need to interact with the human race… and therein lies the problem.

It is inevitable to get angry every now and then when you’re dealing with others. This is a human emotion that everyone has experienced at some point in their life. You can’t stay calm under all circumstances but you should at least try to keep your anger under control. 

If you get angry too often over trivial matters, you’ll need to work on managing your anger. People who get angry too often face physical ailments like digestive disorders, high blood pressure, and chronic headaches. 

You may become angry due to a number of reasons such as road rage, work related problems, or relationship problems. Whatever the cause may be, you should learn to keep this strong emotion under control. 

There are some common myths associated with anger and you should know what they are so that you can be better prepared to deal with your anger. Here are some of most common myths about anger that you should know about:

Anger is bad

Anger is a natural emotion and it’s not necessarily bad if you can keep it under control. You feel good when you stay happy but both happiness and anger are important for your mental health. 

If you feel angry about a person or a situation and there is a reason for it and you shouldn’t suppress your true emotions. You should think about why you feel angry about a certain person or situation and try to find a way out to turn things around without allowing your anger to take control. 

The occasional outburst can be a good release but you shouldn’t go overboard. Always bear in mind that harsh words are not easily forgotten.

Physical or verbal abuse will calm you downverbal abuse

Anger is a strong emotion and many of us indulge in physical or verbal abuse when we’re in its grips. Many people believe that physical or verbal abuse can calm you down quickly. 

Physical or verbal abuse is guaranteed to only worsen the situation and work as a hindrance in finding a resolution to the problem. Many battered wives find that their situation only worsens over time as their partner gets more and more violent.

Violence is never the answer and it’s not a tool to manage anger. You should instead try to close your eyes and take some deep breaths to calm yourself down. When you are calm, you can think about the problem and look for a possible resolution. 

Ignoring your anger will make it go away

There is another common myth related to anger that ignoring it is a great way to control it. The fact is that when you ignore your anger, you also ignore the person or situation that is the cause of your anger. With this method you’ll never reach a solution to the dispute as you are not thinking about the cause of your anger and working to change the situation. 

Anger is a strong emotional response to a person or situation and you should never try to suppress or ignore it. You should instead learn techniques to calm and control it and, from there, try your best to deal with the situation and/or people that are the cause of your anger.