5 Ways To Improve Your Focus and Concentration

Brain Focus and Concentration The ability of human beings to maintain focus and concentration these days had been incredibly lacking. Many individuals easily get distracted by almost anything that comes in their way. The average human attention span has been significantly shrinking during the last few years, mostly due to our digital connectedness. The brain always seeks information, so it ...

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14 Health Benefits Of Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness will benefit your health. There are many health benefits of mindfulness training. Mindfulness involves allowing yourself to stay in the present moment, without dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Here are some health benefits to mindfulness training: It decreases stress. Research out of the journal Health Psychology indicates that mindfulness is not only associated with lower ...

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Are You Cut Out For Wellness In Your Life?

Is Your Life Designed To Support Wellness? The question we are asking ourselves here is whether our own personal life, in its current state, is designed to support wellness. This requires a dual approach. We must investigate exactly what wellness is referring to. Does it mean a general state of well-being? Can we be well physically but not mentally? Does ...

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