Alternative Therapies

What is EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique?

Healing Yourself With Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) You can think of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, or tapping) as a getting back to basics way of healing yourself. Many people are tired of the idea that you can simply throw medication at a problem to heal it. It seems that every medication your doctor prescribes has some side effect that ...

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A Holistic Approach To Women’s Health

holistic approach

  How does a holistic approach differ from a more conventional approach? As women, we have many ways with which to approach our health from a holistic perspective. As you most likely know, holistic medicine focuses on the whole person and tends to look at things from the lens of mind, body, and spirit. A conventional or allopathic approach to ...

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Stress And Ulcers: What You Can Do

stress and ulcers

How Stress And Ulcers Relate It is generally accepted that stress plays a major role in the development of practically all disease, including the problem of peptic ulcer. Stress and ulcers are in a way related. Science shows that stress produces the “fear, flight, or fight” response, which leads to an increased production in adrenaline and cortisol. It is when ...

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The Connections Between Stress and Chronic Pain

stress and chronic pain

The Stress and Chronic Pain Relationship Medical research and common sense both dictate a correlation between stress and chronic pain. Yet, neither common sense nor medical research can come up with a sure-fire way to combat that stress-chronic pain connection. Chronic pain causes stress which causes more chronic pain which causes more stress and around and around we go. It’s ...

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5 Aromatherapy Myths – Here’s The Essential Oil Truth

Aromatherapy is now regarded by traditional medicine as an effective therapeutic model for treating a host of mental and physical problems. Whether topically applied directly to your skin, ingested in some cases, or used in conjunction with aromatherapy, essential oil practices are now respected in the same professional circles where there were once mocked and ridiculed. Since hype is usually ...

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Acupressure – What Is It And How Does It Work?


The ancient Chinese can be credited with one of the most well-known and practiced methods of relieving various health and pain problems. Much more than just massage, acupressure helps the entire body function better, heal faster and remain stress-free. It is related to acupuncture in the basic concept that pain and problems in one part of the body are controlled ...

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What Does Prediabetes Really Mean?


Preschool prepares very young children for “big kids” school. The children get a taste of what a more structured school environment is like, and this prepares them for moving to that stage of their life. Being said to be in a prediabetes stage is similar to preschool. Your body is slowly moving in the direction of diabetes, and is prepared ...

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Fighting Inflammation With Vegetables

What Vegetables To Use To Fight Inflammation If you suffer from any kind of chronic inflammatory pain, you probably know that consuming vegetables is very beneficial to alleviating your pain. This isn’t a problem if you’re someone who enjoys consuming them. But if you only eat vegetables grimly because you have to, what can you do to get the most ...

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10 Natural Ways To Heal Muscle Pain

heal muscle pain

There Are Natural Ways You Can Heal Muscle Pain There are numerous causes of muscle pain, including sports injury, accidents, exercise, and general wear and tear. Sometimes fatigue and over work or certain types of jobs cause muscle pain, and for some it can be quite severe. Irrelevant of the cause, muscle pain can be hard to manage, inconvenient and ...

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