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What Is A Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

what is a growth mindset vs fixed mindset

What is the 2 mindset that is prevalent Generally speaking, there are two very different approaches to one’s mentality and the results yielded from either one are usually going to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. One way of approaching things is known as a “fixed mindset”, and the other is referred to as a “growth mindset”, and overwhelmingly, ...

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Dealing With Difficult Emotions Using Mindfulness

dealing with difficult emotions

Ways of Dealing With Difficult Emotions Using Mindfulness A good way of coping or dealing with difficult emotions is through the use of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a type of meditation that has been practiced for centuries. It has recently seen a resurgence in popularity owing to cognitive behavioral therapy and modern psychotherapeutic approaches. The basic idea is that you’re using ...

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4 Ways To Refocus Your Energy On Your Wellbeing

refocus your energy

How To Refocus Your Energy To Promote Your Wellbeing You might have heard someone say to you that if you improve your wellbeing, you’ll be a lot happier. But is this true? Moreover, is it really possibly to alter our mental wellbeing, especially if we feel so low? According to the professor of public health at the University of Warwick, ...

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Four Things That Can Make Life More Meaningful For You

make life more meaningful

How To Have A Meaningful Life When we spend our lives merely surviving, life can start to seem a little empty and pointless. Many forget that they can make life more meaningful. Nevertheless, this is exactly how many of us live: we work for eight hours or more a day and then we come home feeling too tired and exhausted ...

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Change Your Mindset and Attitude

change your mindset

Change Your Mindset And Turn Lions Into Kittens It is not just our bodies that are a result of evolution. Likewise, it is also our minds and our psychology that have been shaped by the world that we evolved in and that is where a lot of our most unusual behaviors come from. When we were evolving, we were in ...

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What is a Success Mindset and How Can You Have One?

success mindset

Developing A Success Mindset If you’re interested in achieving more with your life, then you might have read a few self-help books. And if you’ve done that, then there’s a good chance you will have come across the phrase ‘success mindset’. But what exactly does this mean? And is it really possible to start achieving more in your life, simply ...

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5 Ways To Improve Your Focus and Concentration

Brain Focus and Concentration The ability of human beings to maintain focus and concentration these days had been incredibly lacking. Many individuals easily get distracted by almost anything that comes in their way. The average human attention span has been significantly shrinking during the last few years, mostly due to our digital connectedness. The brain always seeks information, so it ...

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