Losing Weight With High Protein Diet

osing weight with high protein diet

Eating more protein can help you in your weight loss efforts. Understanding how protein helps you lose weight, as well as how much protein you need, and high-quality sources of protein can all help you shed unwanted pounds and lose weight fast. Athletes already know the health benefits of a high protein diet, and you can experience those same health ...

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Too Much Protein – Is It Bad For You?

too much protein

Is taking in too much protein bad for you? The answer to this question is… Yes! Like the Greek physician, Hippocrates, once said, “Everything in excess is opposed to nature.” The same applies to protein. We live in a day and age where health stores are filled with bottles, bags and tubs of protein powder. They range in prices, qualities ...

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5 Common Misconceptions About Protein

A List of Common Misconceptions About Protein Protein shakes, powders, supplements, etc. are all the rage these days. Open any fitness magazine and you’ll find articles about how effective protein is at helping you lose weight. Open a bodybuilding mag and they’ll tell you a hundred times that you should consume protein to build muscle and so on. On the ...

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4 Easy Steps Switching To A High Protein Diet

Switching To A High Protein Diet Isn’t That Hard Whether you trying to lose weight or are in the process of building muscle, consuming the right amount and type of protein is important in reaching your fitness goals. It might be easy for some to replace their grains and carbs with salmon and steaks. However, there are people who prefer ...

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The Importance Of Protein In Your Diet

4 Reasons to Eat Protein There has been a long-standing debate between fats and carbohydrates as the leading cause of obesity and weight gain. In fact, it is still going on right now. But when it comes to protein it is a little more straightforward. Eating enough protein is important to keep the body fit and healthy. The right kind ...

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