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Losing Weight With High Protein Diet

osing weight with high protein diet

Eating more protein can help you in your weight loss efforts. Understanding how protein helps you lose weight, as well as how much protein you need, and high-quality sources of protein can all help you shed unwanted pounds and lose weight fast. Athletes already know the health benefits of a high protein diet, and you can experience those same health ...

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Too Much Protein – Is It Bad For You?

too much protein

Is taking in too much protein bad for you? The answer to this question is… Yes! Like the Greek physician, Hippocrates, once said, “Everything in excess is opposed to nature.” The same applies to protein. We live in a day and age where health stores are filled with bottles, bags and tubs of protein powder. They range in prices, qualities ...

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Do Fad Diets Really Work?

do fad diets really work

Fad Diets: Are They Effective? The answer is simple…fad diets are not natural. It encourages fast weight loss (usually within 10 day to 1 month period) through unsafe and unrealistic methods. Besides, fad diets often exclude physical activity in the program, which is essential in the process of weight loss. Weight is gained right back after because people return to ...

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Paleo Diet- What Is It And How It Helps?

paleo diet

What Exactly Is The Paleo Diet? If you are looking for a healthy diet to change your life for the good then Paleo diet is the best option available. This diet is actually based on the idea of eating foods that our bodies were actually made for thousands of years ago. Such foods were there to the early people through ...

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5 Common Misconceptions About Protein

A List of Common Misconceptions About Protein Protein shakes, powders, supplements, etc. are all the rage these days. Open any fitness magazine and you’ll find articles about how effective protein is at helping you lose weight. Open a bodybuilding mag and they’ll tell you a hundred times that you should consume protein to build muscle and so on. On the ...

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Ph Miracle Diet – What It’s All About

ph miracle diet

pH Miracle Diet Basics The pH Miracle diet is the newest phenomenon to strike the dieting world. Health experts have noticed that popular diets seem to go in waves. While the 90s were marked by the low-fat diet craze, the last six to seven years have been focused on low-carbohydrate diets like Atkins, the South Beach Diet, Protein Power and ...

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What Is The TLC Diet and Why You Should Be On It

tlc diet

Hearing the word diet usually inspires thoughts of cutting food, counting calories, and depriving yourself. Diets tend to come in waves, and they tend to be unsustainable – many of them even go as far as being unhealthy if done over a long period of time, and can lead to lack of nutrients. What Is The TLC Diet The TLC ...

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Power Foods For A Low Carb Diet – A Must Eat

low carb

It seems like almost every day, a new fad diet is launched, yet there are now more overweight people than ever. The basic principles of losing weight and keeping it off are actually pretty simple. You have two choices, low carb or low calorie. Doing both can be tough, but lead to real results. If you then add exercise to ...

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How Carbohydrates Affect Your Health And Weight

how carbohydrates affect your health

Understanding How Carbohydrates Affect Your Health How carbohydrates affect your health in so many different ways may be something that you may or not be aware of.  Many experts attribute the large scale epidemic or obesity in the United States, where 1/3 of all adults are obese in large part to a steady increase over a prolonged period of time ...

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