Smoothies For Detox And Energy

smoothies for detox

Why you need smoothies for detox We have all been there – especially after holidays, before summer or just whenever we feel that we have been neglecting our body and therefore need to start treating it better. At that point, we usually think of starting a detox diet to clean our body from the inside out. Detoxing, when done right, ...

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Are Smoothies Bad For Weight Loss?

smoothies bad for weight loss

Sugar loaded smoothies Smoothies are sometimes used in weight programs. They are delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare, but are smoothies bad for weight loss? It would be unfortunate for someone who honestly believes they could make progress in their weight loss effort using smoothies and then figure out months later that nothing really happened, or worse that they actually ...

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Getting Maximum Health Benefits From Your Protein Shake

protein shake

Get The Most Out Of Your Protein Shake A protein shake is a drink that you can use to help you build muscle, improve your health or lose weight. The idea is that you’re providing yourself with a convenient way to increase your protein intake, which is useful because protein is what the body uses to make muscle, make neurotransmitters ...

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Benefits of Drinking Protein Shakes

Beginners Guide To Protein Shakes Whether you are trying to lose weight, get fit, or build muscle, protein shakes can be really beneficial to you. Here are some of the top benefits of drinking protein shakes on a regular basis. Protein Shakes Help Burn Fat First of all, protein shakes are an excellent way to burn more fat. The more ...

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Smoothie Recipe – Good Morning Greenie

Good Morning Greenie Recipe This is an excellent breakfast smoothie that you can use any time throughout the day as well. Spinach and green apples are your green go-to ingredients here, and this basic recipe is going to yield anywhere between 3 and 4 cups. Packed with minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids, this particular smoothie is just as nutritious ...

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