Healthy Drinks

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Coffee?

benefits of drinking coffee

Benefits Of Drinking Coffee In terms of their morning beverage of preference, many people do no longer give it a thought when they pick up that cup of brew. And that may not be a such terrible thing at all. In any case, there are many benefits of drinking coffee, and this alone gives you plenty of motives to drink ...

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What Is Kombucha And The Health Benefits Of Kombucha Tea

What is Kombucha? Image Courtesy: Waywuwei Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic | Flickr Kombucha is something that many people hear about and have a general idea of the health benefits, but really aren’t sure exactly what it is. Kombucha is a type of probiotic drink, more closely resembling a tea. While you can add a lot of ...

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Consuming the Wrong Liquids Will Leave You In More Pain

drinking right liquids

Drinking the right liquids will help fight inflammation We’ve all heard of the recommended 6-8 glasses of water a day. However, instead of filling tumblers with plain, clear goodness, we reach for a can of sugar and fizz instead. There’s a reason we are so strongly inclined this way. Fizzy drinks give you a sugar rush and often perk you ...

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Coffee May Lower Your Risk For Depression

drink coffee for depression

Caffeinated Beverages Decrease Risk For Depression Coffee and other caffeinated beverages seem to decrease your risk for depression. This is according to a research study published in the journal Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. Depression affects about 15% of individuals in high-income countries. A large body of research indicates that this is linked with several dietary and lifestyle ...

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The Benefits Of Drinking Water

benefits of drinking water

Water is the elixir of life. It is recommended to drink 2-3 liters of water per day. The benefits of drinking water include a longer, healthier more vigorous lifestyle. 60% of the body consist of water and it is the main component of the human body. Tissues and organs are also mainly made up of water with the following percentages: Water ...

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Coffee And Diabetes Type 2 – Can Coffee Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

How Can Coffee Prevent Type 2 Diabetes? Coffee may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes via various mechanisms. What is paradoxically strange, however, is the fact that coffee may temporarily raise blood sugar levels, even though overall it reduces diabetic risk factors. One explanation for this phenomenon is the fact that caffeine raises adrenalin output, which among other ...

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Smoothies For Detox And Energy

smoothies for detox

Why you need smoothies for detox We have all been there – especially after holidays, before summer or just whenever we feel that we have been neglecting our body and therefore need to start treating it better. At that point, we usually think of starting a detox diet to clean our body from the inside out. Detoxing, when done right, ...

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6 Ways Coffee Boosts Energy And Focus

coffee boosts energy

How Coffee Boosts Energy If there is one major benefit associated with coffee consumption, it would have to be energy. Almost ritualistic, upon waking before starting the hectic hustle and bustle of the day, coffee boosts energy if consumed. This gives us the energy boost necessary to survive a day of corporate office life, or to help us cope with ...

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Are Smoothies Bad For Weight Loss?

smoothies bad for weight loss

Sugar loaded smoothies Smoothies are sometimes used in weight programs. They are delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare, but are smoothies bad for weight loss? It would be unfortunate for someone who honestly believes they could make progress in their weight loss effort using smoothies and then figure out months later that nothing really happened, or worse that they actually ...

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Top 5 Metabolism Boosting Drinks You Can Have Everyday

metabolism boosting drinks

Great Metabolism Boosting Drinks For You  Metabolism is an extremely popular buzz word in health and fitness circles and as a result, the effects of metabolism boosting drinks and foods often get hyped up to unrealistic levels. However, if you can look beyond the hype and learn the truth about these metabolism boosting foods and drinks, you can still benefit from ...

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