What Interval Training Is All About

interval training

An Introduction To Interval Training Interval training is the best workout for fat burning, where you need to alternate between a short burst of hard exercise and a short period of easy recovery. For example, after a 3-5 minute warm-up of moderate cardio, you’d do 1 minute at a slightly harder than normal cardio pace and then bring the intensity ...

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Build Muscle Fast With Protein

build muscle

Why You Build Muscle Faster By Eating More Protein There are several times a year that people are more likely to set goals to lose weight or tone up or there might be a special occasion that has you motivated. Whatever the reason you’ll need to change what you’re doing right now. One way is to eat better and exercise ...

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How To Achieve Good Health And Fitness

achieve good health and fitness

Not an Impossible Dream: Ways to Achieve Good Health and Fitness It is not vital to enroll at local gyms or build a home gym to achieve good health and fitness. If you do a home search, you can find useful items which can be utilized for body workouts. Generally, it can help you build up cardiovascular conditioning as well ...

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Starting To Exercise In Your 50s Is Not Easy

starting to exercise in your 50s

Starting to exercise in your 50s – what you need to do Starting to exercise is difficult wherever you are in life. And starting to exercise in your 50s isn’t any easier. We lead by and large easy, comfortable lives where we just don’t need to do what our ancestors did. Where our ancestors had to go out and hunt ...

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10 Misconceptions Regarding Exercise You Don’t Know About

Misconceptions Regarding Exercise There are many misconceptions regarding exercise that exist till today. Here are some of the most common exercise myths as well as the not-so-common facts based on current exercise research. Exercise Myth 1. Low intensity workout burns more fat In general, low intensity exercise has its place — it’s less stressful on joints. However, one should know ...

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Fitness – It’s Importance In Your Overall Health


With the alarming rates of diseases that affect people nowadays, it is important for people to consider improving their physical fitness. Unfortunately, with the wide variety of foods that surround the market at present, it can be challenging for some to avoid or neglect their cravings on their favorite foods. However, what they don’t know is that not all foods ...

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