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Coffee And Diabetes Type 2 – Can Coffee Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

How Can Coffee Prevent Type 2 Diabetes? Coffee may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes via various mechanisms. What is paradoxically strange, however, is the fact that coffee may temporarily raise blood sugar levels, even though overall it reduces diabetic risk factors. One explanation for this phenomenon is the fact that caffeine raises adrenalin output, which among other ...

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Build Muscle Fast With Protein

build muscle

Why You Build Muscle Faster By Eating More Protein There are several times a year that people are more likely to set goals to lose weight or tone up or there might be a special occasion that has you motivated. Whatever the reason you’ll need to change what you’re doing right now. One way is to eat better and exercise ...

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Healthy Lifestyle Vs Dieting: What’s the Difference?

healthy lifestyle

Living A Healthy Lifestyle Instead Of Dieting People have grown tired of jumping from one diet to another. There are so many out in the marketplace and most don’t work. In fact going on one of these diets usually means an increase in their weight. Losing 20 pounds and then gaining back 30. They are not worth the effort or ...

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Stress And Weight Gain – The Effects Of Cortisol

How Stress Sabotages Weight Loss Efforts Today stress symptoms are higher than they’ve ever been in human history. The unfortunate reality is that our bodies respond to traffic jams and late work assignments, in the same way, they would react to being chased by a lion as our ancestors once were.  Our daily routines are causing all the side effects ...

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5 Common Misconceptions About Protein

A List of Common Misconceptions About Protein Protein shakes, powders, supplements, etc. are all the rage these days. Open any fitness magazine and you’ll find articles about how effective protein is at helping you lose weight. Open a bodybuilding mag and they’ll tell you a hundred times that you should consume protein to build muscle and so on. On the ...

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6 Foods That Promote Prostate Health

foods that promote prostate health

Prostate Health Foods To Eat Prostate illnesses such as prostatitis, prostate cancer and benign prostatic hypertrophy can all be treated or prevented if a person eats the right type of foods that promote prostate health. A diet rich in anti-oxidants and limited in simple sugars and dairy products provides the body with an excellent platform from which to protect itself ...

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How To Achieve Good Health And Fitness

achieve good health and fitness

Not an Impossible Dream: Ways to Achieve Good Health and Fitness It is not vital to enroll at local gyms or build a home gym to achieve good health and fitness. If you do a home search, you can find useful items which can be utilized for body workouts. Generally, it can help you build up cardiovascular conditioning as well ...

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6 Superfoods To Include In Your Diet

Here’s The  6 Superfoods To Include In Your Diet Whether you are trying to get healthy, battle a disease, or lose weight, you need to find these 6 superfoods to include in your diet. These are foods that contain a lot of the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that should be in your regular diet. However, if you aren’t accustomed ...

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The Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

artificial sweeteners

6 FDA Approved Artificial Sweeteners There are 6 high-intensity artificial sweeteners with FDA approval, but just because they are approved does not mean they are safe. A growing body of research is pointing to the dangers of artificial sweeteners due to their alarming effects on the body and what has been termed their addictive nature due to the way they ...

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