Women’s Health

Different Types of Yeast Infections and What You Need To Do

different types of yeast infections

The Many Different Types of Yeast Infections This article will highlight different types of yeast infections caused by the Candida albicans organism. These yeast infections may occur externally, and these are the yeast skin infections. They can also occur internally. The type of yeast infection that a person is infected with would depend on the location of the yeast infection.  How ...

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Symptoms of Candida

symptoms of candida

Symptoms of Candida You Need to Be Aware Of By BruceBlaus (Own work) CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons Many fungal, bacterial and gastrointestinal experts believe that candida is at the root of most health disorders, infections and diseases. This is because when candida flourishes to the point of causing symptoms that is a sign that your natural defense systems ...

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The Relation Of Stress To PMS – Can It Make It Worse?

stress pms

Can Stress Make PMS Worse? Premenstrual syndrome is a common phenomenon of menstruating women, affecting nearly half of all women. About 3% to 8% of women will develop the most severe form of PMS called premenstrual dysphoric disorder or PMDD. No one knows the exact reason why some women get PMS and others do not, but it is believed to ...

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A Holistic Approach To Women’s Health

holistic approach

  How does a holistic approach differ from a more conventional approach? As women, we have many ways with which to approach our health from a holistic perspective. As you most likely know, holistic medicine focuses on the whole person and tends to look at things from the lens of mind, body, and spirit. A conventional or allopathic approach to ...

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Breast Cancer And Genetics – Are You At Greater Risk?

As researchers study more and more of the major diseases, such as heart disease and cancer, they are finding that many of them have a genetic component, that is, they run in families. The field of genetic medicine is quite new, but scientists have made some strides in relation to breast cancer. It is estimated that around 5% to 10% ...

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A Woman In Her 50s : Embrace Your Empowerment

woman in her 50s

So you just hit the big 50, a woman in her 50s.  That’s quite an achievement! The years to come will start a new chapter that could be filled with joy and all life has to offer you, if you go after it. Sadly, however, too many women resign themselves to a life of just “settling” after that magical milestone. ...

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Telltale Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

signs of pregnancy before missed period

Body Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period Learning that you’re expecting a baby can be a time of great celebration. But long before any home pregnancy test or any blood test performed by your doctor can tell you that you’re pregnant, your body will start to give off immediate signs of conception. There will be body signs of pregnancy before ...

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4 Hallmarks Of Self Care For Women

self care

Many times women think about their families before they think about themselves. Women spend their lives meeting the needs of others before spending a single moment thinking about their personal needs. Self-care is a term that many women hear for the first time when they reach out to a physician for symptoms of fatigue, stress, and even anxiety. What is ...

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Birth Control Options Available For Women

birth control

Types Of Birth Control Methods When you’re looking at birth control options, there are several things to keep in mind that can help you find the method that’s just right for you and your circumstances. For instance, if you want to plan the time that you start a family, you’ll need a method that’s easy to stop using at any ...

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