Over 50s

Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms You Should Be Aware In Your 50’s

vitamin deficiency symptoms

  Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms in Over 50s Persons Most vitamin deficiency symptoms practically are unseen in developed nations. This is especially true of young people in developed nations. We just eat so much food, and such a wide variety, that we meet all our basic nutritional requirements. We live with so much abundance that some children live off one food ...

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Calcium for People Over 50

Calcium and Your Body Did you know that calcium is the most abundant mineral found in your body? Yes, it is and about 99 percent of calcium is deposited in your bones and teeth. The remaining one percent is used by your body for several functions, such as regulating blood pressure, transmission of signals through the nerves, and the secretion ...

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Flexibility Exercises For Older Adults Over 50

flexibility exercises for older adults

Flexibility Exercises for Older Adults Flexibility exercises for older adults is a necessity because as you age your bones and muscles become weak which could affect your range of movements. Neglecting to do these flexibility exercises could make normal functions, such as walking, standing, and climbing up stairs can gradually become difficult. Do not let these changes limit your activities. ...

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Controlling Your Brain Health As You Age

brain health as you age

You Really Can Control Your Brain Health As You Age As we each age, all parts of our bodies begin to deteriorate. In fact, this is the whole idea of aging, your body starts to slowly shut down. Even looking older is caused by the decline in the amount of elastin in the skin, so the skin’s loss of function. ...

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10 Key Ways To Improve Your Cognitive Ability

cognitive ability

Cognitive Ability Can Be Improved As You Age The main cause of early aging is cognitive decline. As your brain ages, the capacity to learn, retain, and apply new learnings in life dies. The types of cognitive skills includes attention, language, reasoning, memory, and knowledge. We need healthy neurons to maintain cognitive ability.  We’ll provide you with 10 key ways ...

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Starting To Exercise In Your 50s Is Not Easy

starting to exercise in your 50s

Starting to exercise in your 50s – what you need to do Starting to exercise is difficult wherever you are in life. And starting to exercise in your 50s isn’t any easier. We lead by and large easy, comfortable lives where we just don’t need to do what our ancestors did. Where our ancestors had to go out and hunt ...

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A Woman In Her 50s : Embrace Your Empowerment

woman in her 50s

So you just hit the big 50, a woman in her 50s.  That’s quite an achievement! The years to come will start a new chapter that could be filled with joy and all life has to offer you, if you go after it. Sadly, however, too many women resign themselves to a life of just “settling” after that magical milestone. ...

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Preventing Osteoporosis In Your 50s

Men and women are at risk of suffering from osteoporosis, a disease wherein the bones lose mineral density until they become weak and brittle hence they are prone to fractures. Osteoporosis is a painless bone disease, but you can suffer from pain due to fractures. Other than the increased risk of suffering fractures, you can also suffer from hunched posture ...

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4 Tips To Prevent Heart Disease In Adults Over 50

prevent heart disease

Naturally Prevent Heart Disease If You’re Over 50 Your heart is a strong muscle responsible for letting blood flow that brings oxygen and nutrients all throughout your body. It sends blood to other parts of your body through your arteries and it brings back blood and sends it to your lungs to get oxygen through your veins. However, as you ...

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