Mental Health

The Layman’s Guide To Alzheimer’s Disease

alzheimer's disease

What Alzheimer’s Disease Is It is a well-known fact that a high percentage of the elderly experience mental degradation at some stage during the later years of their lives. It is acknowledged as one of the disadvantages of getting old! However, the majority of people do not know the first thing about mental health illnesses and diseases that can take ...

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What To Know About Panic Attacks in Order to Stop Them

panic attacks

How To Stop Panic Attacks Naturally It’s one thing trying to improve your ability to control your own stress response so that you can combat anxiety and improve your health. But it’s quite another when you experience serious panic attacks that leave you crippled and that prevent you from engaging in normal activities. But in fact the tools you will ...

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Three Common Causes of Stress in Your Life and How to Deal With Them


How To Remove Stress Quickly One way to tackle stress is to improve your health, your energy levels and your mood. By doing these things, you can help yourself to become more resilient and hardy to stress and you can avoid letting the smaller things bog you down. But that’s a fairly abstract way to combat anxiety that doesn’t always ...

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Reading And Brain Health – Why You Should Read Every Day

  How Does Reading Affect Your Brain? Why bother to read a book when you can watch a movie adaption or listen to an audio version of it? Who even has the time to read a 400-page novel? Why read the newspaper when you can watch CNN? Why waste your time trying to read the manual when you can watch ...

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5 Signs Of Poor Mental Health

Millions suffer from poor mental health Many people think that mental disorders will never affect them, but they are much more common than they realize, as experts report that 350 million suffer from depression worldwide. A survey conducted by the National Center of Social Research found that one in four adults in the United Kingdom have been affected by some type of ...

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Learning To Say No Is Good For You

say no

Learning To Say No As Part Of Better Self-Care There are too many nice people in the world today…or so it might seem, with the number of “yes” folks you run into on a daily basis. However, what about the lesser heard “evil sibling”, the word NO? Learning to say no can be one of the most difficult tasks you need ...

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5 Tips To Better Handle Holiday Stress

Coping Up With Holiday Stress The holiday season officially starts with Thanksgiving Day, pretty goes on through Christmas and then  New Year’s day. In between Thanksgiving and New Year, a lot of things happen. You have that huge Black Friday sale after Thanksgiving, followed by Cyber Monday. Then you have all those almost daily sale events the retailers do to pull ...

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Stress and Anxiety – What These Do To Your Health

What is stress or anxiety? Stress and anxiety are two conditions that are not entirely different from each other. Anxiety is often a product of long term exposure to stress while stress is one of the major components of an anxiety disorder. There are many ways in which anxiety and stress seem to contribute to each other. Our instinctive reactions, ...

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Why Stress is Truly Bad for You

stressed out

Stress is really bad for you You’ve likely been told before that stress is really bad for you. It’s something that is constantly forced down our throats and we’re incessantly being reminded how stress can cause heart difficulties. Stress and weight gain sometimes go hand in hand, and generally brings about a lot of difficulties. This is not news then. But what we ...

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7 Rules for Reducing Stress and Improving Sleep

improving sleep 2

Less sleep, more stress There’s a strong correlation between how much sleep you get and how stressed you are. It’s a vicious cycle that can cause mental distress and even wreak havoc on your physical well-being. It’s a well-known fact that people who don’t get enough sleep are lethargic and constantly experiencing an energy slump. This causes irritability, which also ...

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