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Male Menopause Symptoms You Should Be Alert About


The Symptoms of Male Menopause Male menopause is the period in a mans life when his hormone levels start to fall. Irritability, restlessness, loss of libido, sweating, anxiety, depression, memory loss and ED are just some of the male menopause symptoms. Though other health disorders can cause ED, testosterone deficiency is a strong factor that can affect it. Menopause in ...

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Low Testosterone Levels Is Bad As You Age

Low Testosterone Levels Affect Aging Low testosterone levels in your body is not good for your health. Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for many of the traits that we consider to be typically masculine. That includes muscle mass, low body fat, a big jaw, thick brow, aggression, confidence, body hair and a deep voice. Keeping appropriate testosterone levels in the body ...

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What To Know About Prostate Cancer

What is Prostate Cancer? The prostate sits below the bladder, in front of the rectum and wrapped around the urethra. It is a walnut-sized exocrine gland which is part of the male reproductive system. It is responsible for the production of a seminal fluid that transports and nourishes the sperm. Prostate cancer is a major concern and is tagged as ...

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Erectile Dysfunction – Information You Need To know

erectile dysfunction

Shedding some information on erectile dysfunction. Despite years of progress and accumulated changes in the world view of each generation, it is safe to say that sexual dysfunctions are still a sensitive issue for men. Shame and embarrassment made sexual dysfunction a taboo subject in polite company for a long time, which gave it a prominent position in the urban legends ...

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Men Health Issues That You Should be Concerned About

Men health issues that are routinely ignored by men. Here are some men health issues that are routinely ignored by men until it is too late or significant damage has occurred. It is well known that men are much less likely than women to seek basic or routine preventative medical care.  However, there are certain common men’s health problems that ...

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7 Things Every Man Should Know About The Prostate


Prostate problems for men over 60. Next time you see your father, your uncle, or any older gentleman over age 60 or so, ask them about their prostate. If you know the guy well enough, and he feels comfortable enough around you (some would say too comfortable), he will surely share a whole litany of the common prostate problems that ...

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Men Health Problems That You Should Be Concerned

men health problems

Man Health Problems Men Don’t Want To Talk About It is well known that men are much less likely than women to seek basic or routine preventative medical care. However, there are certain common men health problems that are treatable if caught early enough, but can be permanently debilitating or even fatal if they are not detected until symptoms make ...

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Health Tips fоr Men To Stay Healthy

health tips for men

Men think they’re invincible. Men, like women know how important іt іѕ tо bе healthy, аnd men like women, conveniently ignore thіѕ aspect оf life. Men ѕееm tо harbor аn odd concept оf strength (а throwback оf thе stone age, I guess!). Thеу асtuаllу believe thаt thеіr strength іѕ nоt going tо diminish. A few bad days might come around, but ...

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