The Relationship Between Sleep And Alzheimer’s Disease

sleep and alzheimers

Sleep And Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s Disease (commonly referred to as “AD”), is a debilitating degenerative neurologic situation of the brain that is the leading cause of senility and even though, in infrequent instances can take place mid-life, primarily impacts people 60 years and older. It is a tragic situation that has serious consequences to memory, lucidity, speech, and motor abilities ...

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Why Our Mind And Our Body Needs Rest

our body needs rest

Why We Need Rest Living is hard work. The thousands, even millions, of individual metabolic and assembly line style processes that our minds and bodies have to constantly go through, on both the micro and macroscopic levels, are simply exhausting. This is why our mind and our body needs rest as much as we need H20 and glucose in order ...

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