Is Type 2 Diabetes a Lifestyle Disease?

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Some of your physical characteristics were inherited. If you are exceptionally taller or shorter than average, there’s a good chance this was dictated by your genes. People in your family tree were also taller or shorter than most, and this had a bearing on your height. The color of your eyes and hair can be influenced by your genetics. Unfortunately, ...

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Living Well With Diabetes- Practical Actions To Take


  Practical Steps For Living Well With Diabetes Regardless of what age you think you’re diagnosed with diabetes or which of the two types you have, it helps to have some strategies as an advanced means of coping with the situation. Living with diabetes can be daunting, but it surely is no requirement keep you down. Here are some practical ...

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Type 2 Diabetes Management – Here Are 7 Tips For You

Type 2 diabetes management Type 2 diabetes management is possible. There are things you can do to prevent some of these type 2 diabetes complications and improve the quality of your life with diabetes. The worst thing is allowing this disease to fester without attendance and careful attention. The tips mentioned here are mainly lifestyle modifications for diabetes management. Type 2 ...

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Prevent Diabetes Complications by Learning To Recognize Them

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How to Recognize and Prevent Diabetes Complications. A good way to prevent diabetes complications is by learning to recognize the complications of diabetes in yourself and others. When you can do this, you most probably can save a life. Sometimes diabetes goes unnoticed, and until there’s a complication, the person doesn’t know he or she has diabetes. If a shrewd ...

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7 Steps To Health – The Big Diabetes Lie Book Review

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7 Steps To Health – The Diabetes Lie Book: What is the Diabetes Cure? Millions of people around the world suffer from diabetes and while it is a relatively common problem that seems mild, the truth of the matter is that when diabetes becomes uncontrolled, it can have very serious implications. 25 % of diabetics have kidney disease. Diabetes causes kidney ...

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Diabetes Signs and Symptoms in Infants, Children and Adults

Detecting Diabetes Signs and Symptoms Diabetes is not as uncommon a disease as some people may think. In fact, according to various sources, there are between 25 and 26 million diabetics living in the United States. Diabetes is not just a disease that affects older, overweight people; its various types can affect infants and the elderly, and those in between. ...

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The Types of Diabetes And Their Causes

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Types of Diabetes – Know the Difference Many people know that there is a difference between Type I and Type II diabetes, but they aren’t sure just what those differences are. Others may not know that there are actually several other types of diabetes in addition to Types I and II, and that there are diseases that may mimic diabetes ...

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