Can A Man Get A Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection In MenCan A Man Get A Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is very common in women and thus it is sometimes misunderstood as a disease that can affect women only. It is often thought that men and yeast infections don’t mix together. But this might be a shocking fact to many that men are as vulnerable to this condition as are women.

So, can a man get a yeast infection? Just like a baby can get infected with this fungus, in the same way it is possible for a man to get it too. Men do equally suffer from this condition but of which might be in the form of penile yeast infection rather than the vaginal kind that afflicts women.  The risk of getting oral thrush is the same.

Just like a woman, a man also has candida in the gut region. An overgrowth of candida, also identified as candidiasis, is just another manner of stating yeast infection. For example, male thrush and a lot of skin diseases and rashes, for instance like athlete’s foot are different kinds of yeast infection that are connected with candida. Therefore candidiasis in the genital region is one that is caused due to overgrowth of candida and other causative factors.

What Causes Yeast Infections In Men

Other than candida, what are the other causes of yeast infection? Unlike the symptoms of the yeast presence in oral thrush – which usually happens due to HIV – that affecting the genital area, called as penile yeast infection, is caused by various factors. A lot of these reasons might consist of the following:

Diabetes – Due to genetic factors and bodily health conditions too some men are more vulnerable in getting infected by yeast infection than others. For example, a diabetic man has more risk of getting this yeast condition just for the reason that such men have higher levels of sugar in urine and that helps the growth of fungal organisms in male genital area. A male HIV positive patient is also more prone to get yeast “bug” just as easy.

antibioticAntibiotics – Its actually unusual for symptoms of penile yeast infection to happen in a man because of antibiotics, however it isn’t impossible at the same time.

Antibiotics are believed to be candida friendly since they kill both bad and good bacteria and this create a disparity in the gut flora that can cause the overgrowth of candida and be the cause for condition.

Transmission through sex – When a man has unprotected sex with any woman who suffers from yeast infection in the vaginal area, then candida can be passed on from the woman to the man by direct contact, like the way it happens in any disease that is sexually transmitted. Even though this is not totally a common happening, yet it can happen more often than not.

But it is not always necessary that men always get it from women. Yeast infection can very easily get developed in men and then it can also get transmitted to women by sexual contact. It even worsen the case that some condoms that kills the HIV virus are more likely to infect the user with yeast infection.

And the problems and symptoms on a man with this condition is almost the same as it seems in a woman. Redness and itching of the penis, discomfort during urination or sexual intercourse suggests the possibility of the man suffering from yeast infection.

Yeast infection can very correctly be classified as a sexually transmitted disease (STD). An infected man or woman can transmit yeast infection to its partner and the fungus just spreads. If a very sexually active man or woman get infected then it is more likely that the disease gets spread widely.

Male Yeast Infection Symptoms

Given below are a few of the symptoms of penile yeast infection that a man needs to look out for –

– Soreness and irritation present in the penis head, frequently along with itchiness.

– Occurrence of a discharge that seem to be white and thick.

– Small and itchy red bumps might become visible on the shaft of the penis or nearby genital region in case the condition is not treated.

– The penis head might seem red and small blisters might develop around that region.

If a person finds out that he is suffering from these above given symptoms, then it is essential for him to visit the doctor in order to get an appropriate diagnosis done. It is always a good thing to get the symptoms looked into by the medical practitioner to be certain about it, also avoid doing self-diagnosis.

Can Male Yeast Infection Cause Erectile Dysfunction

One question men would like answered is if can male yeast infection cause erectile dysfunction. By itself, male yeast infection, specially in it’s early stages, will not cause erectile dysfunction. In fact, men having sex while they have yeast infection is one way of spreading the disease.

As the yeast infection progresses, the symptoms will eventually in a way cause erectile dysfunction. The skin of the penis that is infected will be painful with redness, itching and swelling which, if not treated, can make the urethra constricted. The flow of semen is thus inhibited and this can lead to impotence or erectile dysfunction. Treating the yeast infection will restore the sexual function in men.

Male Yeast Infection Products

There are many ways to cure the yeast infections and there are many medicines available in the market. But since yeast infection is more categorized as a female disease, there are less attempts made to make medicinal cure for male yeast infection than for female yeast infection.

However, there sure are some prescriptions that help treat the male yeast infections and of course there are other natural treatments too which are more suggested.

The most frequently utilized over the counter medicines that are used for the treatment of candidiasis in males are almost similar to the preparations that are utilized to treat the same yeast infections in female. The reason is that the yeast that cause vaginal yeast contagion in women also cause it in men.

Even though some over the counter medications for anti fungal treatments, for instance Monistat, are marked as ‘vaginal use’, yet men can safely use these products as well. Over the counter medicines for example Monistat, are mainly marketed for women since this problem in the genital region is a lot more common in case of women than for men.

There are some more commonly used over the counter medicines for example Lotrimin, Micatin and Lamaze. Vangelis cream is also used to relieve burning and itchiness until this condition is healed.

For the treatment of yeast infection in males, over the counter medication has to be applied directly on the afflicted skin of the penis for about two times a day for one week. In case the skin yeast rash recurs frequently or doesn’t go away even after one week, then you ought to get yourself checked by a doctor.

Recurring or persistent fungal presence can be connected with different continual medical conditions for instance HIV and diabetes. If a basic medical condition is the reason for your disease, then there are chances of it not improving until the basic medical condition is taken care of.

Things To Keep In Mind While Undergoing Treatment

While treating yeast infections in males bear in mind the following things –

– Remember to change your clothes, in particular the underwear, on a daily basis.

– Apply anti fungal spray, powder or cream whichever is applicable.

– The affected region should be washed and dried using a hygienic towel.

Jock itch, which is medically known as tines cruises, is more common as compared to yeast affliction in males. This is a general infection of the skin, which is caused by a certain kind of fungus known as tines. This fungus flourishes in moist and warm regions of the body and that is probably the reason why it usually affects the buttocks, inner thighs and genital areas.

This condition happens more often during summers or in wet and warm climate. There are a number of over the counter medications for yeast infection in males and jock itch. You might even try out some home remedy for treatment of yeast infection.

Male Yeast Infection Home Remedy

There are plenty of home remedies available to take care of yeast infection for guys, but here’s three of the most popular ones.

  1. Yogurt – plain yogurt without sugar is one of the best home remedies for this disease.yogurt It is very easy to use; simply add it to your daily diet. The yogurt can also be applied directly into the affected area. Of course, only sugarless yogurt must be used as sugar is yeast food. For someone who is lactose intolerant, acidophilus pills can be used as a substitute.
  2. Apple cider vinegar – use the raw apple cider vinegar type that has some sediment at the bottom of the bottle. The right way to go with this method is to prepare your bath and add 1 cup of this raw apple cider vinegar into the water. Soak for 20-30 minutes daily until the disease has cleared out. Never apply the pure vinegar directly into the affected area as the vinegar is very strong and there’s a chance it will burn your skin.
  3. Garlic, is another good remedy because of has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Eat at least two cloves of raw garlic daily until the condition is gone. To make it easier to consume the garlic, you can take it with warm water. Garlic juice or garlic oil can also be applied directly into the infected area.

You should try to stay away from any kind of sexual contact while treating the your condition with the help of over the medications or home remedies. It is essential that you use the over the counter medications for treatment of yeast infection in males precisely as directed. That goes for the home remedies too.

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