Breathing Exercises For Promoting Good Health

breathing exercisesBreathing Exercises You Need To Do For Good Health

Breathing is such a primary function for our survival that can be used to reduce stress and stimulate good health. Notice that your breath is fast, short and shallow when you are angry, fearful or under stress and how you naturally take deeper, slower and longer breaths when you are in peaceful and relaxed state.

This is to say that breath awareness and conscious relaxation through breathing exercises can enhance your ability to cope with life’s increasing pace and take control of all aspects of your health in general.

Deep breathing also enhances concentration and eases pain. All this is possible by practicing proper breathing exercises

Research have even shown that breathing correctly helps to burn fat, make your skin glow and correct hormone imbalances in addition to lowering blood pressure, improving digestion and increases blood circulation throughout the body and decreases overall anxiety. 

Change Your Bad Breathing Habits

However, many have adopted bad breathing habits and shollow breathe with out chest instead of with out diaphragms. By changing breathing patterns and consciously breathing deeply into the abdomen, you can create a calm relaxed state from a stressful one.

Deep breathing calms both the body and mind by slowing down heart rate and easing the nervous system. However, many people rush around, shallow-breathing their way through life and wondering why they always feel stressed, unwell and out of breath. 

By learning simple breathing exercises and by becoming more mindful of the art as well as the act of breathing, you can do a power of good for your mind and body.

Recommended Breathing Exercises

It is recommended that you practice twice daily these breathing exercises for a minimum of five uninterrupted minutes using the following steps:

  1. Sit in a chair, with your back straight but not rigid.
  2. Relax your shoulders and place your palms on either side of the abdomen
  3. Inhale slowly through the nose, drawing air into the abdomen to fill and expand it and then up through your middle and finally expanding the chest.
  4. Repeat 2-3 times.