10 Ways To Relieve Arthritis Pain

Several Ways To Relieve Arthritis Pain

ways to relieve arthritis pain

Think you can’t stop those arthritis aches you’re suffering from? Great news! You can act now.

Get these  10 ways to relieve arthritis pain and super easy effective arthritis soreness succor tip-offs from arthritis experts and construct your life with arthritis a little easier now.

  • Protect your joints. Don’t keep your joints in the same point for an extended period of time. Balance your remainder and work throughout the day. Use the strongest joints available for the job that you intend to do.
  • Stretch it. Stretching should be included in every arthritis patient’s daily routine. A good extend helps avoid injuries by warming up muscles and tendons which are more limber and less likely to tear. Spend at least 10 times each day extending, and run each major muscle group.
  • Cool it down. Stop physical activity. Rest in a cool/ shaded surrounding. Spraying with a mist of cool ocean or wrap an ice pack or cold compress in a towel and apply it to reduce arthritis sorenes and swell.
  • Get moving. Exercise can reduce joint soreness and stiffness and increases flexible and muscle strength. It can also help with load self-control, stress management, and construct you feel better overall. The Arthritis Foundation also offers ocean practice and other classes.
  • Get a massage. Massage therapy can relieve your soreness, relieve stiff sore muscles, reduce inflaming and swelling. Make sure you use oil or cream on your thumbs to make it more gentle. Do it in the affected area for five to ten minutes a day if possible .
  • Keep your load in balance. Being overweight, even merely reasonably, impacts weight bearing joints and can increase the soreness of arthritis. Study have indicated that losing extra load lowers the risk for developing osteoarthritis of the knee. Losing weight going to be able to slow the progression of arthritis too .
  • Get a diagnosis. If you are experiencing symptoms like soreness, stiffness, swelling for more than 1 weeks, you should consider seeing your doctor and get a diagnosis. Remember that there are more than 100 types of arthritis. It is important to get the specific diagnosis for the type of arthritis you have .
  • Take your medication the right way. Don’t stop taking your drug just because you feel it is not working. Check with medical doctors first. You need to understand that it may take several days to several months for a medication to become effective .
  • Look out for brand-new alternatives. Recently FDA has approved some brand-new narcotics for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other arthritis cancers. If was of the view that the current drug doesn’t work well, check with medical doctors about possible brand-new alternatives .
  • Keep training yourself. It is important to learn something new about arthritis. Find some good websites online and subscribe to their newsletter if they have it. Join one of two active online arthritis communities like forums or bulletin board. Never hesitate to see your doctors and ask questions.


Right about now you may be thinking exercise isn’t possible. After all, your joints are in pain. Yes, this is true. Exercise does help and all individuals should incorporate it into their daily routine, not just those suffering from arthritis.

In terms of arthritis, exercise does wonders for the body. It assists with weight loss and promotes healthy movement. That movement strengthens the muscles surrounding the joints. It provides extra protection and reinforcement.

Exercise is necessary to seek arthritis relief, but it isn’t always free. If on a budget, wisely plan your workouts. Instead of opting for a gym membership to gain treadmill access, walk around your neighborhood or inside a shopping center.

Instead of signing up for an aerobics class, turn on some music in your home and move around. Something as simple as stretching your fingers daily can provide long-term pain relief.


As previously stated, exercise is recommended for arthritis relief. Although this exercise may be painful at first, it will get easier overtime. Movement will reduce joint stiffness. This should not only provide pain relief, but it lessens the risk of additional complications.

For example, those with arthritis who seek little or no treatment later find themselves dealing with severe stiffness, the inability to move, and deformities. Combine diet and exercise to lose weight.

Right about now, you may be thinking dieting isn’t free either. In reality it is. You already buy food and drinks. You need these to survive. Carefully choose your foods. Eliminate those with high fats and calories. Weight loss is an easy way to lessen the pain associated with arthritis.

The less weight you have pressing on the joints, the less pain you will experience. If you don’t have any weight to lose, good. Still know the importance and many health benefits of healthy eating.

Avoid applying too much pressure to the painful joints. Those suffering from severe arthritis will experience pain no matter what the activity. Others will only experience pain when trigged. For example, those who have pain in their elbows want to limit use.

If you need to lift heavy boxes, lift them properly. Yes, it is easier to reach down and grab, but this strains the elbows. Instead, properly squat down and lift with your entire body. Avoiding joint pressure will not eliminate arthritis pain, but it will lessen the severity.

Ask for help

As previously stated, some arthritis sufferers trigger severe pain by trying to complete a task they shouldn’t. If you have severe arthritis in your hands, don’t spend hours trying to open a jar.

Not only will you get frustrated with your inability to open the jar, you increase the risk of severe pain. Instead, ask for help.

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