10 Key Ways To Improve Your Cognitive Ability

cognitive ability

Cognitive Ability Can Be Improved As You Age

The main cause of early aging is cognitive decline. As your brain ages, the capacity to learn, retain, and apply new learnings in life dies. The types of cognitive skills includes attention, language, reasoning, memory, and knowledge. We need healthy neurons to maintain cognitive ability. 

We’ll provide you with 10 key ways to improve your cognitive abilities. These tips will provide your brain with exercise and expand your potential. 


Yes, the easiest way to exercise your brain is by physically breaking a sweat. Physical activity increases the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain, reducing the risk of cardiovascular issues and diabetes. Exercise also reduces cortisol levels, and increases the production of chemicals that are beneficial to neural connections. 

Reduce Stress Levels

Intense emotions are a major cause in cognitive decline. Stress is habit-forming and it worsens every day. Chronic stress will destroy your brain cells, thus your cognitive abilities.

Stress also has an impact on depression, and both play a role in declining cognitive abilities. Perhaps the most effective way to combat stress is through expressing yourself. Suppressing your emotions will only make things worse, letting go provides release.

If you find yourself constantly fatigued and dealing with headaches, for no apparent reason, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with stress. Meditation is an effective way to manage stress, and it also improves memory. 

Provide Your Brain With A Challengescrable

Make time for a daily brain teaser, and make sure that you mix it up. If you enjoy sudoku, riddles, and crosswords, alternate your use of them to provide your brain with a new challenge every day. The brain thrives on sensory stimulus. Games like Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble are also an effective way to stimulate the brain. If you don’t always have someone to play with, you can get online versions on the computer or your phone. 

Get Social

Make sure you take time to socialize, even if you don’t particularly enjoy social situations. Socializing improves mentality, which improves cognitive abilities. It helps prevent depression, isolation, and loneliness. According to the University of Montreal, an active social life also combats stress, which as we know causes the death of brain cells. 

Get Sleep

It feels as though insomnia is now a phenomenon. Poor sleep weakens your memory and your attention span. That’s just in the short-term, long-term sleep problems also affect your stress levels, blood pressure, and your ability to make decisions.

Try Massage

Massage therapy can have a positive effect on your immunity, emotions, and cognitive abilities. Because it works to relax the body and the mind, it combats stress. A mind which is in a calm and relaxed state can effectively focus, connect, coordinator, reason, and remember. 

Enjoy Music

Music provides calm and relaxation, diverting your attention from your stress and problems and allowing you to get caught up in the melody. It’s also an excellent way to express yourself, and efficient in managing moods as well as stress. 


There are a variety of supplements which can boost your cognitive ability, including adaptogens, stimulants, racetams, and metabolic. 

Omega 3

You can find Omega 3 in fish, soybeans, walnuts, seafoods, wheat germ, and spinach. Omega 3 plays a significant role in brain power and development, hence your cognitive abilities. 


Yoga has long been associated with mental and physical fitness. Now, though, doctors are recommending it to their patients to relieve stress, improve memory, combat depression, as well as a wide variety of other illnesses. According to the University of Illinois, practicing just 20 minutes of yoga every day provides an immediate boost to your cognitive function.